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Opportunity and Responsibility

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a unique asset to our company because it enables employees to become shareholders. As a shareholder, an employee-owner stands to profit if the company succeeds, and so an ESOP approach aligns employee interests with shareholder interests. It motivates our employees to apply thoughtful, creative solutions that protect and promote the quality of our work.

Our ESOP Commitment

  • Ensures ESOP shares are owned by active contributing employees.
  • Spreads risks and limits any single risk, while encouraging intelligent experimentation and organizational learning.
  • Continuously evaluates the performance of the existing companies, potential expansions, acquisitions, and divestitures on the basis of their expected long-term contribution to growth of shareholder wealth.
  • Requires our leaders to serve employees as well as the company and be responsible for the safety and growth of the ESOP.
  • Executes succession planning that develops bench strength and prepares future leaders to succeed in the face of increasingly complex challenges, including future acquisitions.