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Meet our Employee Veterans & Reservists – Week 4

Aug 10, 2021

July Showcase – Week 4
Branch Employees who have Served The United States Arm Forces

Wade Moulton

General Foreman, Branch Civil

The adage “you gotta do what you gotta do” was exactly Wade Moulton’s mindset in 1982 when he hitchhiked to the enlistment office to begin his journey as a United States Marine. He wanted the toughest training he could get, and that was his inspiration to enlist. Earning the title of United States Marine was his fondest memory of Boot Camp.  He recalls many funny moments from Boot Camp, but the funniest was when the recruit assigned to watch the bulldog mascot actually lost the mascot! As his punishment, the recruit was made to pretend he was a dog and had to crawl on his hands and knees to find the missing bulldog.  Sand fleas—Wade’s absolute worst memory!  Having endured Marine Boot Camp, Wade says he can succeed at anything when he sets his mind to it.

The military has special training for all branches and rates (job); Wade went through Scout Sniper and Nuclear Transport school.  With all that is learned, Wade says his number one military bearing is by far honesty, which is essential in his role as General Foreman for Branch Civil.  The transition from serving our country to being a civilian again had its challenges, but trusting civilians is one that took Wade some time.  He traveled a lot during his four-year enlistment and enjoyed seeing Okinawa, Japan and Korea.  He also was stationed here in the United States. Wade stays in touch with those he served with and reminisces; however, Navy stories are on the home front since his Dad and Uncle both served in the Navy.  Like many others, the Wounded Warrior Project is Wade’s charity of choice.

Tim Southern

Project Manager, GJ Hopkins | Lacy

Like many others, Tim Southern didn’t think college was a good fit, and serving his country was his passion, and getting an education was a bonus. He recalls how proud his parents and grandparents were when he enlisted in the Army in 1985. Reflecting back to his Boot Camp days, his fondest memory is building a bond and lasting relationships with the guys in his platoon. He was able to get through the worst part of Boot Camp of not seeing or talking to his family for six weeks, by laughing at himself and his platoon members going through the gas chamber! Tim knew he would learn a lot in the Army, but he had no idea just how much he would learn about himself and how much he could be pushed and how he could overcome pain—mind over matter. His transition out of Boot Camp and starting a new job was made easier by not having to do PT (Physical Training) every day.

Once in school, he received a few specialized training such as Jump School, Ranger Training, and Desert Training which allowed him the technical knowledge needed for the 16 Sierra Missile system. During his time in the Army, Tim traveled to Ft. Benning, Camp Stanley, and South Korea. Today in his role as Project Manager/Special Projects for GJ Hopkins l Lacy, he uses his military skills of leadership and working under pressure every day.  He has stayed in touch with some of those he served with and through his dedication, encourages the Wounded Warriors Project as his charity of choice.

William “Bill” Love

General Sheet Metal Superintendent, GJ Hopkins | Lacy

For William “Bill” Love, a friend was influential in Bill’s desire to enlist. In 1968, the day he enlisted into the U. S. Marine Corps, it was raining, a detail he still remembers. There is so much that you learn while serving, and the one thing Bill learned about himself is that rules and regulations are in place for a reason and are incredibly important as they could mean life or death. Transitioning out of Boot Camp was not difficult as he had the exact expectations of leaving Boot Camp as he had going in.  Bill’s specialty and training were Communications. His attention to detail is a military bearing he carries with him every day and is certainly used daily in his job as General Sheet Metal Superintendent for G. J. Hopkins l Lacy. After transitioning to civilian life, he found that accepting excuses was a real challenge for him. Over the years, Bill has lost touch with those he served with but vividly recalls his time serving in Paris Island, San Diego, Vietnam, Camp Pendleton, and Okinawa. He doesn’t come from a military family per se; however, he has an uncle that served in the Army and a nephew who served in the Marines. Bill suggests supporting the mission of the VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

We would also like to recognize and thank all of our employee-owners who served but chose not to be showcased, we appreciate you!

James Dove, U.S. Air Force (BCI)

Larry Curtis, U. S. Marine Corps (BCI)

Todd Fish, U. S. Army, 1984-87, Combat Engineer with one tour to Korea

Harold Holley, U. S. Marine Corps (BCI)

Kirby Shipman, VA Army National Guard, 1990-96 (GJH)

James Davenport, U. S. Army (GJH)
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