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Project First. People Always.

Branch Group prioritizes the safety of its personnel and surrounding communities. Our employees are more than living assets to our company: they are loved ones to friends and families. The construction industry poses many dangers to on-site workers, and part of our oversight responsibilities involves identifying risks and implementing proactive measures against them. While quality and productivity are critical to our operations, they will never take precedence over protecting our people and the environment.

Safety Rewarded

Branch Group educates and encourages its employees to develop vigilant work ethics that protect them from the hazards inherent to the job. An electronic inspection and scoring system rewards employees for choosing safe behaviors with incentives based on project inspection scores, not injury results. These measures produce a safety culture oriented around injury prevention rather than injury reaction, enabling us to anticipate dangers before they damage.


Within the last five years, our companies have received over forty safety awards from multiple organizations.


AGC of America & Carolinas AGC Foundation
2020 – National AGC Safety Award
(25% Below Division Incidence Rate)


Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC)
2020 – STEP Platinum Award


National Safety Council (NSC)
2020 – Safety Leadership
2020 – Perfect Record
2020 – Occupational Achievement


HRUHCA Hampton Roads Utility & Heavy Contractors Association
2019 – HRUHCA Safety Award